An evening on the town, a light dinner and off to a simple, upbeat club for a few drinks and enjoyable music.  Your short skirt accents your firm buttocks and shapely legs.  Each piece of clothing fits your body like a glove and the black lace stockings seem to go on forever, and to the unaware they do.  But in reality the soft, silk garter under your skirt hold them in place and the open air on your uncovered crotch stimulates you to the start of a wild frenzy.  My hand gently and slowly sliding up and down your back and occasionally coming to rest on your sweet round bottom.  You grind back and insure your flesh yields to my touch and you nipples push through you soft blouse.  As we pause to adjust to the dim light you pull close and make our bodies contact at every point possible......... We find a table in the corner of the crowded room and sit calmly.  Lips and eyes drawing the attention of the men in the room and your sweet scent and desire drawing mine.......


The music is loud but nice and the room has a coolness in the air.  The drinks come and our eyes meet for a fleeting moment.  We gaze for that instant and see the desire in the other.  The twinkle of the eye, the coy smile, the deep but gentle breaths we each take.  After a few sips of our drinks and gentle kisses, with some passion in them, and you relax back to enjoy the music and closeness of the night.  You take my arms and wrap them about your tiny waist and nuzzle your head back against my chest.  You allow my hands to brush the fabric covering your breasts and feel your now firmly erect nipples.  You let out a low soft moan that only we can hear and look back into my eyes and smile before we enjoy a deep lingering kiss.


We sit and relax let the music and the drinks flow through us.  Just the time to sit and watch as the world moves around and hear the life of music intoxicates and frees the mind.  My hands rest on your firm belly and yours rest on mine.  Every once in a while you reach up and let your hand and arm pull my head closer to you.  Close enough to taste your bare shoulders, nibble on your tender ear, brush a light kiss on your cheek or lips and even catch a glimpse down your blouse at your firm and luscious breasts.  You lean back press against me and feel my heart beat and stretch your body to try to cover all of me.


Your hands rest on mine and our fingers intertwine for a few moments and the thoughts of our bodies doing the same rush through both our minds.  Taking my hands gently and slowly, you slide them down your belly and onto your hips.  Your body sways a bit maybe to the music maybe to the electric touch going through you.  You let our hands slip down to your sides and onto the sides of your tight buttocks.  I can feel as you clench tighter to contain a bit of excitement and I kiss and gently suck on your neck and shoulder.   You then direct our hands up and over your swaying hips to the tops of your firm thighs just below you skirt hem.  Your pause for a brief moment and then begin to rub my hands over the soft silky fabric covering your legs.  With each motion toward your inner thigh your legs spread just a bit to allow a small rush of cool air tickle your bare snatch.  You breathe deeply as the feathery feeling send tingles through you the warmth of my hands relaxes you……


We are seated behind a table and you glance around the room.  You slyly look into my eyes and guide my hand ever so slightly under the hem of your skirt.  Your bare thigh is warm and supple to my touch and a shiver runs through your body.  I allow my fingers to tenderly knead the flesh of your thigh and slide slowly toward your knee.  As my hand moves away from the heat building within you, you give off another low moan which rumbles from deep in your soul.  Your body has moved tighter to mine and the rhythmic motions of your breasts and hips show your growing desire.  I place one hand gently on your neck and caress your soft skin from ear to ear and down across your upper chest.  As my hand slides lightly and slowly in the area of your firm breasts your breath deeply in anticipation of a firm grasp around one and a tweak of the rock hard nipple, but it does not come and your exhale displays your disappointment and excitement.  It is so nice to be naughty here.  You lean back and tilt your head so our lips meet for a passionate kiss and your tongue darts out to announce to me you want more and you are on fire.


You again guide my hand under the bottom of your skirt.  This time we venture deeper into the pleasure zone and the heat becomes evident.  The moistness that has been growing has your tender thighs damp and my fingers swirl through the sweet juices pressing into your flesh and sliding closer to the source of the moistness.  Your eyes close as my hand glides further up and then down again and you slip your hand behind the small of your back to find the bulge in my slacks growing and throbbing to the rhythm of your luscious body.  You give a squeeze and grind back with your hips to place even more pressure on the tightening situation.  At that very moment my fingers grace over your swollen clit and lightly flip open your delicate lips to let a rush a quite cool air touch the opening of your hot tunnel.


The sensations shot through you and the jump of your heart and hips showed your delight.  The quick motion of you hips forced the tip of a couple of my finger to dip into you and covered them with you juices.  My mouth watering I pulled them from the warmth and tasted your sweetness.  I then allowed my other hand to discreetly but firmly drift to one of your breasts and cup it.  Your nipple now pointing out I caught it between my thumb and forefinger and let it roll between them.  Pressing a bit harder with each roll.  You breathe deep and tighten your grip a bit more, reaching behind you to pull me closer to you and I taste your skin and breath deep the fragrance of your hair.  Now oblivious to the world around us, we enjoy the music flowing through us, and the beat of our hearts pounding in time to that same music.  The cool air rushes around us but warms from the heat we now generate.  We quietly continue to tangle ourselves in a personal embrace as people and actions carry on just a few feet away.  You turn body just slightly.  The new position allows my hand to freely slip between your thighs and touch your hot, wet box.  You then move forward on the seat to expose more to probing fingers and attempt to find a resting place for your hands as they are your only truly visual outlet for the excitement and desire ebbing and flowing within you. 


With a soft and deep kiss, two of my fingers pierce the outer rim of your box and twirl around in a small circle.  You jump just a bit and then relax sliding down onto them.  The melting of your body to my touch lets my fingers slip a bit deeper into you and your mouth and tongue show your pleasure.  Your eyes now lock to mine and you lick your lips as you gently throw your head back.  Your expression of ecstasy is heavenly and your grip on my shaft has tightened.  Your nipples now rub the fabric of your blouse with each breath and juices flowing from your sweet hole run like a dam released in a storm.  (Maybe I should stop?)


You strategically turn to give me a passionate kiss.  The motion forces my fingers deep into you until my entire hand rest against you tight pussy.  The table blocking the view of your rising skirt and my hand rubbing your exploding snatch, you grind your hips and hot, wet hole onto my hand.  My cock throbbing and straining at your attention is bigger than ever.  You run your hand along the shaft and allow a glint to twinkle in your eyes.  I look into those wells and am lost in the moment.  With that I insert a third finger into your now soaked hole for a couple of deep thrusts and then withdraw.  My fingers drip with your juices and make my mouth water to taste every inch of you.


We pause for a well-deserved rest and take a few sips from our drinks.  Your body trembles a bit and you scoot closer to warm yourself.  Our lips again meet for a gentle and soft kiss that seems to last for hours and each breath is in unison deep and cleansing.  Your grasp on me has not eased at all nor has your heart rate.  I slip a hand under your bottom and slip the back of your skirt up to where your bare ass is sitting on my hand.  As you lean forward for your drink your tight pussy opens and allows two fingers to once again dive into your inner depths.  You pause as they move around and touch areas to drive you wild.  You wiggle your hips a bit to drive them deeper and bite into the cup you are holding.  The juices from your snatch have oiled the seat and your ass with sweet juice.  Sliding around under you is easy and hot.  My thumb comes to rest on your tight puckered ass.  You lean back a bit to put pressure on it and it slips through the soft outer ring.  You lean forward again and my fingers are driven deep again.  With that you lean back and my thumb penetrates your back door.  You sit atop my hand and relax your buttocks to allow yourself to slide down on the shafts of my fingers.  The movement of your hips say you are enjoying yourself and the look in your eyes say you can not wait to be alone.


You lean back to down your drink taking my thumb deeper and letting my fingers slide out just a bit.  As you lean forward again things go back to normal and your body tense ever so slightly.  You lean over and whisper softly as your take a quick nibble on my lobe,  “Let’s get out of here….”.  I look into your soft smile and silently agree.  As you stand and arrange your skirt, we look around sure others had heard the solid pop as my fingers exited you in a rush.  You jump as the cool air rushes around the moisture under your skirt.  You take my hand and quickly pull me to the door.  The fire inside you has not been extinguished only fueled for a more persuasive attempt to quench the desire.


As we stroll to the vehicle arm in arm, we kiss and touch each other on the face and shoulders.  Each time you stretch up to kiss me your skirt rises a bit to let the cool air in and an occasional passerby a quick glimpse of your hot tight box and ass.  We arrive at the vehicle.  You unlock the door and tell me to drive, as you are too physically distracted to drive.  I hesitantly slip into the seat beside you and you slide close to me.  Your hand rests on my crotch and begins to rub the length of the shaft.  Your eyes glint as you feel the vehicle move.  You reach for the zipper of my slacks a slowly pull it down.  The sly smile on your face tells me you are feeling devilish.  As you reach in a free the raging hard-on from my pants, you lick your lips in hunger.  You kneel on the seat beside me and begin to slowly stroke the throbbing meat in your hand.  You lower your face to within inches of it and blow gently and then pull back.  I begin to rub your back lightly and slowly pull your skirt up around your waist revealing your perfect ass to the open air and the probing of my hand.  Watching the road closely, I cannot see what you are doing but as you begin to take me into your hot mouth it is evident your intent.  My hand slips behind you as you begin to lick me like your favorite lollipop.  I find the moistness that your box still has and slip two fingers quickly and deeply into you.  The sudden and exquisite penetration of your tightness makes you dive deep onto my cock.  Not quite able to get it all in but trying to.


The trip back to the hotel is not long enough for either of us.  We enjoy the movement of the vehicle and each other’s exploration of our bodies.  As we arrive in the parking lot we arrange ourselves to traverse the divide between us and the sanctuary of the bedroom waiting for us inside.  Our bodies tingle from the trip and each other.  We breathe deep and exit moving quickly to the door and then to the elevator.  The doors close and you jump into my arms with a deep passionate kiss.  The ride to our floor seems to be an eternity and we know if it does not hurry we will not need the room.  Your blouse is unbuttoned down to your navel and the your firm breasts although covered are quite accessible and visible.  You lean back into me and I slip my hand down and lift you skirt and slip a finger over your slit and clit.  You grind your hips down and ride the wave of the touch for a few seconds.  We are nearly oblivious to the stopping of the elevator and jump as the doors open………..


The rush to straighten ourselves is obvious but there is no one there.  It is our floor!  We laugh and step out into the hall.  The door to the room is just ahead and the fire in us is blazing stronger than ever.  The door opens as we kiss and work at the other’s clothes.  The path of debris to the bed is short but full.  Clothing in piles around the room I lay you down on the bed.  I step back to stand in awe of your beauty and raw sensuality.  Your garter and stockings still in place as you stretch a foot out to beckon me to you.  I slowly step forward enjoying the tease and then lower myself between your legs.  The loveliness of your box is accented by the glisten of your juices.  I gently run my tongue around the soft folds of your pussy, suck and nibble your clit and then drive my tongue into you as deep as possible.  Your clit in my mouth I slowly insert a finger into your tight little ass and work it in and out a bit……..


I slip my finger away and your hips lurch a bit forward trying to retain the pleasure it was providing you.  I kiss and nibble my way down your thigh and then reach to the table beside the bed.  The cool, smoothness of the item that touches your now red hot skin sends a shiver through  you,  It has a soft feel that has a definite purpose but you can not see it.  As it brushes across your clit you raise your hips to meet it and the feeling sends a tremor from deep within.  The warmth of my mouth is a well received feeling on your sweet clit.  Your legs wrap gently around my head as I slowly tongue your hole and savor your juices.  As you move slowly matching my tongues movements you feel a soft, cool shaft enter your tight pussy.  Gently and slowly deeper it goes and the quiver of your body shows your appreciation of it.  As it begins to seem there is no end to this sweet penetration the cool peel of the banana lay across the lips of your snatch and clit.  The moist cool meat on the inner peel surrounds your clit and rubs the tip ever so softly…..


The solid fruit begins to move in and out of you.  The peel brushing your clit as it pulls back and then as it drives back into your inner depths.  The cool meat in your tunnel touching every wall and send tiny sparks through your hips.   Continuing to slide the edible toy in and out of your sweetness I lean forward and kiss you quivering lips.  Allowing my tongue to gently brush your lips, teeth and tongue.  You with one hand around my neck reaching for the deeper kiss and the other with my fruit filled one moving it in and out.  The sundae of your heavenly juices and a tender fruit is more than a desert freak as myself could resist and I had to taste the elixir of the gods.  Breaking away the peel, I placed a portion into you and took hold of it with my teeth.  Gently working it back and forth taking a bite of it with each extraction.  As the fruit melted in my mouth I allowed your clit to rest in my mouth and absorb the feel around it.  The last piece is saturated with your orgasmic juices and is a treat of the finest cuisine.


....The last of the fruit gone, your hot, wet pussy longs for attention and filling.  I softly run my tongue around your swollen lips and flick your engorged clit.  Your hips move up to meet my oral caress wanting a release that seems to be just out of your grasp.  You let out a deep growl of animalistic desire and force me onto my back.  Once you have me in this submissive position, you straddle my face with your dripping cunt.  Your clit rest firmly rubbing against the whiskers on my chin.  Treating you to a natural french tickler.  Your hip grind your wetness into my lips and your body begins to quake as my tongue opens your pussy even more.  You collapse forward and engulf my hard cock.  You desire so intense you can not help but to let it fill your mouth reaching deep into your throat.  You let out a slow moan as the shock forces me to gasp, sucking your pussy lips against my teeth and pulling cool air around them.  Your moan vibrate through my cock and you feel it throb against your tongue.  You begin to suck my cock and fondle my balls as my hands and tongue continue to explore your tight, hot cunt and play with your inviting ass.  Your juices flowing so freely that fingers slip in and out of both holes with ease.  With each thrust of my hands or tongue you moan louder and try to take my hardness deeper into your throat.  Your body convulses again as you cum once again.  The sweet pussy juices flow even more and coat my face.  You can withstand no more and like a graceful acrobat you lift your hot cunt from my face and almost spin in mid-air.  As you come down, you guide my rock hard cock into your dripping hole.  You come down with such force our pubic bones collide, pinching your clit between them in a pain of ecstasy. You half lean and half fall forward from the shock of being completely filled and the sensations assaulting your clit.  Your rock hard nipples tangle themselves in the hair on my chest.  Our lips meet and your tongue laps at your pussy juices on my face.  Your hips move up, down and around in a fast pace.  You body tense as you feel another orgasm welling up in the pit of your being.  As you cum again, you can not help but to let out a soft scream of pleasure.  You pussy cinches tight around my cock and I suck one of your tender nipples into my mouth.  Your body continues out of either of our control.  I feel the hot sticky explosion building and know that I can no longer hold back.  I catch your nipple between my teeth and bite softly as my cock release a stream hot juice deep into your convulsing pussy.  You can not hold back another moan as I thrust as deep as I can into you and caress your clit as you cum again.  The glisten of your body as you shiver and the labor of our breathing let us know we are spent....but only for now.