The day started out like any other but as the afternoon came the day ventured down a path you had only imagined.  You survey the room.  You had only been here an hour or so but have familiarized yourself with everything around you.  Admiring the choice you had made not only for its cost but the amenities, a nice table with sturdy chairs, a large and inviting bathroom with huge shower, a spacious king-sized bed.  You arrived early enough to get comfortable and relax a bit.  Now your heart races as you finish dressing and admire the woman looking back at you in the mirror.  The weeks and even months of planning leading to this day have been great but as the moments pass the twinges of nervousness and excitement grow even stronger.  The shopping for the right clothes, getting a bottle of soft, sweet wine and placing it in the full ice bucket, the choice of music playing in the background, even the very drive here had started an ache that has become all too familiar with the building tension of the last few days.  The thoughts of what is to come race through your mind as you stare into the mirror.  The soft knock on the door startles you from the daydream starting in your mind.  You make a quick review in the mirror and take a deep breath.  Trying to contain the excitement and nervousness as you walk towards the door, your pace seems to quicken knowing with the turn of the knob begins an adventure you have longed for since our first talk.  With a gentle twist and tug the door swings open and our eyes meet telling us both that we are experiencing the same feelings at that moment.


You moisten your lips as a smile comes across your face.  The soft hellos are followed by a gentle, cordial kiss that sparks a rise in the tensions of what is to come.  Your arms reach around my neck as our cheeks brush together and my arms wrap firmly around your waist.  The light from outside brightens the room but fades as you slowly close the door.  We exchange nervous questions as to the day and life all the while getting lost in the otherís eyes.  We sit at the table and I pour us both a glass of wine.  You smile softly as our eyes meet again.  The soft fabric of your blouse accentuates your breasts.  Your nipples press against the silky fabric revealing your rising arousal with our closeness.  Your skirt slightly rising as you squirm in your chair from the growing wetness between your thighs revealing the clip connecting the black garter to your sheer stockings.


We finish our glasses and I refill them.  With a glimmer in your eye, you motion for me to come to you.  I stand and move towards you, take your hand in mine and pull you up into my arms.  Slowly, I bring our lips together and softly linger there feeling your breath on my cheek and your nipples pressing into my chest.  After what seems an eternity, we part and stare again into each otherís eyes.  The smiles on our faces give evidence of the nervousness giving way to desires in our hearts and bodies.  Our lips come together again with a bit more passion and urgency.  Slightly parting our tongues dart out and entwine at the very tips.  Our hearts race and our groins press together beyond the tightening of our hug.  Again our lips part and I nibble gently down your neck as you lean back into my hands pressing your warming box harder against the growing bulge in my slacks.  You lift your head again to allow our lips to meet again for a deep passion ridden kiss.  You pull back and begin to unbutton my shirt, pausing between each button for a kiss.  As you reach the last button and expose my chest for your inspection.  You run your hands over it and through the thick hair smiling as our lips come together again.  As our lips part again, I slowly turn you around kissing down your neck.  Your back pressed into my chest, my hands caressing from your hips to your neck pausing to cup your breasts and lightly pinch the hard nipples under the fabric.  You press your ass into my hardening cock enjoying the feeling even through the fabric separating our skin.  A soft moan escapes your lips and your eyes close.  You turn your lips to mine for another kiss as I begin to slowly undo your blouse.  Your breathing increases and your breasts begin to heave with excitement.  Each button reveals more of your soft, hot skin in the mirror in front of us.  With the final button, your blouse opens with an easy slip of the hands and falls to the floor.  Standing there in front of the mirror with your mostly bare back pressing into the soft hair on my chest, I can see the black lace of your bra as it cups your beautiful breasts and leaves your hard nipples exposed and desiring attention.  I run my hands around your waist again as we kiss deeply and raise them to your warm breasts and nipples.  Catching one in each hand and caressing them with the motion of your body the pace quickening with your increasing pleasure.  You run your hands down my arms and intertwine them with mine letting both our fingers caress and capture your nipples.  Your hips begin to move slightly with each tingle from your nipples.


I turn you back to face me and kiss you deeply.  Your nipples tangle and tickled in my hair, a cheek cupped in each hand as we both moan a bit.  I catch your lower lip with my teeth and tease with soft nibbles and kisses.  Slowly I undo the fastener of your skirt and lower the zipper.  Loose your skirt rest freely on your hips needing only a little coaxing to fall away and reveal the delicious fruit warming between your thighs.  We pause for a moment and sip of our wine smiling and kissing softly our eyes revealing the desires that have been pent up for too long.  You take our glasses, set them on the dresser behind you and push me into the chair behind me.  Seated before you, I can savor the view of your body.  You gently step toward me as you push on the waistband of your skirt letting it fall to the floor and step out of it.  The animal in you has taken over and your desires are overwhelming.  You step between me and the table, teasing me with your form and choice of attire.  Your glistening skin contrasted only by the black lace of your bra cupping your breasts and the matching garter fastened to the sheer stockings covering your sumptuous legs.  The naughty excitement you felt when you chose to exclude panties reaps its reward many times over with the gleam in my eyes as I get my first glimpse of your snatch.  You lean down and plant a kiss of lust as my hands begin to explore your free flesh.  Breaking the kiss with a swift movement, you lean back onto the table.  Slowly lifting each leg to rest on my shoulders, you reach for some ice from the bucket near you.  I pull my chair closer bringing my face deeper between your thighs and closer to the sweet dripping juices of your pussy.  You begin letting the ice drip down your body as you moan deep in your throat.  The cold water drips onto your nipples and stomach as I watch your eyes grow hungrier.  You let the ice touch your body and slide down ever further melting quickly from the heat of your luscious skin.  Quickly grabbing another piece you reach between your thighs and rest the frozen chunk on your already swollen clit gasping deep begging for more as my hands reach up and rub your hard nipples and firm tits.  I lower my lips to your slightly twitching fingers around your clit.  I let my tongue dart out and circle the sensitive mound before me as you wrap your hand around the back of my head pulling me deeper.  Your breathing alternates between the deepness of pleasure and the gasps of ecstasy.  You lift your hips to meet the probing of my tongue my lips savoring your juices and tongue slipping between the glistening lips of your box letting your desire known to my taste buds.  The skin of your bare ass cheeks slide on the table as your juices flow along your hungry slit and into the cleavage of your ass, I slowly slide two fingers into your pussy feeling your muscles grip tightly around them each time my tongue presses against your clit. 


A wave of raw pleasure begins in the pit of your belly and spreads throughout your body.  You breath deeper and moan softly as the feeling grows.  You reach down and pull my head deeper into your snatch.  Your throbbing lips meeting mine as in a passionate kiss and your juices quickly lubricate my fingers as they slide in and out of you a bit faster.  Your body tenses in ecstasy and you let out a gasp of surprise and relief.